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Loved by 1000s of people. Our one of a kind JewelCards are the perfect way to say how you really feel. Made of the highest quality materials throughout and shipped from the USA fast makes it the perfect gift experience.

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Product ID: #1516949

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Түүний зүрхийг хайлуулах хайраар дүүрэн бэлэг өг! Энэхүү нүд гялбам Forever Love хүзүүний зүүлт нь өөгүй 6.5 мм-ийн шоо циркон чулууг тойрсон өнгөлсөн зүрхний зүүлттэй бөгөөд жижиг талстаар чимэглэгдэж, нэмэлт гялалзуулж, гялалзуулж өгдөг. Бүтээгдэхүүний дэлгэрэнгүй мэдээлэл: • 14К цагаан алтны өнгөлгөө • Гинжний урт 18" - 22" • 6.5мм дугуй зүссэн куб циркон • Өндөр 0,8" (2,2 см) Өргөн 0,7" (1,8 см)

Хүргэлтийн дундаж хугацаа:

АНУ: 2-8 ажлын өдөр

Канад: 3-12 ажлын өдөр

Европ: 2-8 ажлын өдөр

Олон улс: 5-14 ажлын өдөр

Бүх захиалгыг АНУ-ын Нью Жерси, Флорида муж болон Европын Люмсембургээс хүргэнэ.

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We received excellent quality
We received excellent quality. Shipping and Customer Service was spot on! Will definitely order more soon!

L North

Amazing product and excellent service
Amazing product and excellent service. I will again be placing an order in future for sure! It’s the best option if you want to make sure that it is certified and authentic!!!

Z Sheppard

Fast shipping
Fast shipping. Great communication and got a little hook up! Def legit energy changing stone. I love mine

S Miah

It was even more amazing than I thought…
It was even more amazing than I thought it was going to be. The shipping was real easy and I got a beautiful peice. I would definitely shop here again.

R Nelson

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